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Goodbye Dorset. Hello Somerset!

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I last wrote. There’s been a lot going on and some big decisions being made. After a lot of thought, Matt and I have decided to leave sunny Bournemouth and relocate to Somerset (hopefully also sunny)!

Aerial view sketch of Bournemouth

We’ve been thinking about spreading our wings for a while. Bournemouth is a great place but we’ve lived here a long time and are keen to try something new. Toward the end of last year we decided that the time was right and 2019 would see us pack up and relocate to the west country and to the city of Bristol.

Bristol is a fascinating city, creative, diverse and full of opportunity. It’s a city we both enjoy visiting and one where we could see ourselves living and working. It also has the added bonus of being super close to the beautiful city of Bath and surrounded by gorgeous countryside.

The last few months have been hectic, what with finishing off renovating / redecorating our flat, catching up with friends, packing, house hunting, plus Matt studying for his landscape architecture chartership exam. Throw craft fairs into the mix and you have one full schedule. That said, I enjoy being busy and it’s all exciting stuff so I’m not complaining!  

Bristol cityscape

It’s always a funny time, transitioning from one reality to another; leaving behind the familiar for something new. But, whilst my belly is full of nervous butterflies, I am insanely excited. I cannot wait to explore and experience new places, people and events. There’s a wealth of creative, unique and beautiful things to discover!   

I plan on taking a little break from craft markets whilst we find our feet and I settle in to my new job however my Etsy store will still be in full swing, and I will still be creating whenever I have a spare hour or two. If anyone has any suggestions for the best arty craft markets to get involved in, please do let me know. Any advice would be fab and I can hopefully start filling my diary up with events to get involved in soon.

I would also love to hear of any hints and tips on living in Bristol, Bath and the west country so please do get in touch!

Matt and I enjoying festival life!

Speak soon,

Sarah x

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