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Art & Healing

There is something magical about art. Something captivating and inspiring. It has the ability to open our eyes and imagination; to encourage us to dream and to create something that no-one else has created before. Every piece of art, be it a drawing, painting, story, poem, song, sculpture or building, is unique and special. Every one of us see’s the world through our own eyes.

Art has long been used as an alternative method of therapy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the uncertainty and fear currently being experienced across the world could be turned into something a little more hopeful. A wide-spread artistic mindfulness practice, perhaps. Can we use this time as an opportunity to create? To paint, write, draw, design? As we all turn inwards and begin spending more time within our homes, can we dream up the next innovative products, architectural styles, inspiring songs, or beautiful wall art to decorate our homes with?

Perhaps the world has been focused for too long on the wrong things; perhaps this pandemic is a reaction to all the fear and negativity being sent out to the universe and a sign that we need to slow down and give mother nature some breathing space.

We have the power to shape the world around us; to choose our thoughts and as such choose our experience. I honestly believe we can live alongside and celebrate the beauty and power of nature. I am certain we can heal both ourselves and the world and that art and creativity is one such way to do so. Let’s harness our anxieties and vulnerabilities in such a way that they manifest into something beautiful, meaningful and powerful. Let’s collectively focus on the good, send out positivity and love to the universe and bring about a sense of calm that heals our planet and all the living creatures within it.

x Sarah x

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