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Calligraphy Services

I am passionate about calligraphy. For as long as I can remember I have prided myself on beautiful handwriting and obsessed over typography and lettering.  Calligraphy is an historic art and a form of self-expression that can never be replaced by technology; it is a beautiful and tangible way of staying connected. I love nothing more than when I have my pen and nib in hand and get lost in my creative practice. I hope to share my love for this practice with as many people as I can and to keep the art of the hand written letter alive. 


I am available for a range of calligraphy commissions and would love nothing more than to help bring your ideas to life. Please see details relating to my calligraphy services below. 


Who doesn't like to receive beautifully addressed post? I create hand addressed envelopes using high quality materials in a variety of colours. I have three core styles of calligraphy that I use when addressing envelopes: Graceful (a traditional Copperplate style); Flourished (a decorative take on the traditional style with swirls and flourishes); and, Spirited (a modern, looser style). Please do get in touch and let me know what you have in mind and I would be more than happy to help. Further details on colours can be seen on my Etsy store here


Example envelope and calligraphy styles I offer can been seen below. 

Placename Cards


Placename cards add a personal touch to any table setting and are a wonderful keepsake for guests. I offer a range of ink colours and will work with you to choose the best card for your special day/event. I offer traditional copperplate, flourished copperplate, and modern calligraphy styles to suit your personal taste and wider table setting design. 


Examples of some recent commissions can be seen below: 

Bespoke services 

I offer bespoke services and will be happy to discuss your calligraphy ideas with you. I have worked with clients to prepare save the dates, wedding invitations, baby shower cards and unique calligraphy prints. In addition, my experience in using the latest design software means I can work with you to digitally prepare designs ready for print. 

Prices & Turnaround


Every commission is unique and therefore priced individually. To give you a guideline, envelopes typically start at £3 per envelope, placename cards at 75p per card and hand written letters/quotes start at £50.


Turnaround time will depend on the time of year and my schedule but I would suggest allowing at least 6-8 weeks for simple designs. For a more precise quote and idea of timescales, please do get in touch. I would love to help create the perfect calligraphy piece for you.


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