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Exploring Inks at the RWA


Over the weekend, I attended a workshop on exploring inks at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA Bristol) and wanted to share with you what I learned and what we created! I have loved ink and admired those that use it for a long time but never felt confident in using it myself and so decided earlier in the year to take a class to develop my skills and boost my confidence!

The day, and wonderful tutor, gave us lots of creative freedom to experiment and explore ink (acrylic and drawing) as a versatile and exciting medium. This experimentation was great fun and has helped me to tackle another personal goal to ‘loosen up’ in my painting style. Like many of us, I find it too easy to stay within my comfort zone but I also know this limits how much I can grow.

I felt super energised after the workshop and have fallen in love with ink. It’s fantastic, vibrant, fun to use and so versatile, in terms of colour, technique and the tools you can use when painting or drawing with it. I experimented with watercolour brushes, a chinese brush, bamboo sticks, calligraphy nibs and sponge.

Experimenting and being open to new ideas, as well as observing how the other artists were using the ink, has inspired me to learn even more and to incorporate it into my work, perhaps creating some mixed media pieces with watercolour and pen. Watch this space!

Here are some photos from the day:

Sarah x

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