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I don’t know about you but I am SO glad it’s February. January is a great month for setting goals, evaluating where you are in life and what you would like to achieve over the coming months, but it can also be a challenging, long, dark and cold month. So welcoming in February and saying hello to the pretty little faces of snowdrops as they begin to pop up from the ground is easy and fills me with hope and joy.

Another thing that has been filling me with joy over the last couple of weeks is my new art studio! It’s taken a long time to get to where it is now (we ordered the wood for it back in August), and I’m still working out how best to arrange everything within the space, but what an absolute pleasure it is to have my own dedicated art space. I’ve been pining after an art studio of my own since I first learned what it meant to me to pick up a pencil and draw. Needless to say that it is fast becoming my sanctuary (all it’s missing is space for a yoga mat!) and a brilliant way to begin 2022.

As I said, it’s still work in progress in terms of the internal finishing touches, but I’m too excited not to share it with you.

We spent a lot of time and effort ensuring the room was well insulated, lining the walls with insulating boards and plywood. We insulated the floor and opted for floor boards for the floor which are easy to clean (I’m renowned for spilling ink!). The large rug clearly wouldn’t respond well to ink spillages however it helps to keep the space warm and adds a pop of colour.

View from the inside looking across our somewhat windswept garden!

Everything is neutral and natural. The plants help with this and I’m hoping to add more to the space. The curtains are linen to add a sense of privacy whilst ensuring the space is bright and airy even with them drawn.

The desk is a kitchen worktop to which we attached some hairpin legs. It’s the perfect fit and a cost effective way to create a decent sized work surface. I love it.

Matt helping with assembling the table :)

The next step is deciding on any additional shelving and to begin hanging artwork on the walls.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my art life. I’ve no doubt I’ll be sharing it again with you soon!

I also hope 2022 has been kind to you so far and that the signs of spring are beginning to fill you with joy.

Sarah x

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